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Body Treatments


Kerstin Florian’s unique body treatments integrate global healing traditions and modern luxuries to create an extraordinarily effective, restorative wellness experience.



Lavender Dreams Experience $140 for 90 minutes

Relax. Inhale the calming, balancing benefits of wild Lavender with an invigorating full body scrub, a warm cocooning wrap and a full body massage.

Ginger Renewal $140 for 90 minutes

Let Ginger’s healing and warming properties invigorate and nourish in this pampering head-to-toe experience with head, back, neck and shoulder massage.

Body Slimming Treatment $155 for 60 minutes / $170 for  90 minutes

Refine and firm body contours with a detoxifying scrub to energize and detox while a cellulite-reducing massage with clinically-proven actives promotes slimming results.

Magnesium Wellness Treatment $160 for 60 minutes / $175 for 90 minutes

The mineral power of magnesium plus therapeutic massage offers the ultimate in wellness as skin is nourished, muscles are relaxed and tension is relieved.

Body Firming Detox $140 for 60 minutes or $155 for 90 minutes

Refine and firm body contours and promote detoxification as you re-energize. Skin is exfoliated and circulation improved to promote the absorption of clinically-tested slimming actives. An exclusive slimming massage and serum help to activate lipolysis.




Spirulina Wrap $160 for minutes 60 / $175 for 90 minutes

Naturally skin-nourishing Spirulina Algae imparts essential Vitamins, minerals and protein to revitalize the body.

Moor Mud Wrap $160 for minutes 60 / $175 for 90 minutes

Rejuvenates and remineralizes the body, soothing tired muscles and brightening dull skin. Includes an optional facial application.

Energizing Spirulina $160 for 90 minutes

Invigorating salt scrub infused with juniper essential oil helps stimulate circulation before nourishing Spirulina Algae envelops the body. An energizing massage firms and enlivens the body.

Essential Oil Wrap $140 for 60 minutes

This sensory experience includes a luxurious application of aromatherapy oils with mineral-rich body crème to relieve muscle tension, promote detoxification and boost hydration.

Organic Aloe Wrap $125+ 60 minutes

Healing, moisturizing organic Aloe Vera combines with nourishing Algae and soothing Lavender for a skin-quenching experience. Includes a Luxurious scalp, neck and foot massage.




Brighter Body Scrub + Massage $140 for 60 / $155 for 90 minutes

This multi-active experience incorporates exfoliating bamboo, fruit enzymes and multi-fruit acids along with stimulating body buffing techniques to re ne texture and brighten skin.

Turkish Salt Scrub $135 for 60 minutes

An invigorating, remineralizing experience uses thermal salt in this duo exfoliation of natural minerals and loofah scrub to thoroughly, energize and smooth the body.

Chamomile Body Scrub $135 for 60 minutes

A rich, herbal scrub with chamomile aromatherapy and gentle buffering grains sweeps away dull surface cells as an invigorating loofah massage stimulates circulation.

Lavender Crush $135 for 60 minutes

Earthly minerals combine with Lavender’s healing properties for an invigorating and detoxifying full body exfoliation.